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Who is MaryLou, anyway? MaryLou is actually Ms. MaryLou Pilous, an Interior Decorator and Designer residing in Wellington, FL, a suburb of West Palm Beach. If that last name sounds vaguely familiar, it means you’re probably from the Chicago area and an avid hockey fan: MaryLou is the daughter of the late, great Rudy Pilous who was the coach of the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team when they won the Stanley Cup, in 1964!

Or…you may recognize her name from the “Ask MaryLou” column in the Wellington Forum community newsletter. This was a column where readers wrote in with their design questions and dilemmas and MaryLou responded in the column with descriptions, diagrams and drawings.

MaryLou has really been a “design force to be reckoned with” for the last 40+ years – tremendously talented and creative; a Master at working “outside the box” and creating value either on a budget or with an open budget!

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